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Noorani and Zulmani huruf

(Chapter no- 8)

Noorani and Zulmani huruf

Assalam oalaikum,

We know well that to do any work properly it has to be done in a systematically. If one desires to learn something, it is essential that the foundation/ base of the knowledge should be strong only then will the edifice be strong. I am discussing this point to make it clear that the alphabets/huruf are the base of ilm-e-jafar. So understanding their characteristics and or each of us to show reverence towards these huruf. 

hurf noorani

 hurf zulmani 

The 99 beautiful names of Allah (swt) are also based on these huruf and each huruf also has a moakkil at its command.

There are altogether 14 huruf noorani and 14 huruf zulmani and the entire Creation of Allah (swt), i.e. the 7 planets, jinnat, moakkil and mankind praise their Lord through these 28 huruf.

When a Momin reads these huruf the moakkil who is related to the particular huruf gets activated and comes near the reciter to help him/her out. 

remember me in your prayer

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